The Featured or “Flagship” Artist of FLAG’s first event, the All Media, All Cultures Exhibition, Tony Seker is a Lebanese-born American abstract painter with a vibrant creative personality, a unique personal backstory, and a strong connection to the art community of Fort Lee.


Georgian-born Levan Mindiashvili is a world-traveling, Brooklyn-based mixed media artist whose nomadic lifestyle has given him a unique perspective on the architecture and urban development of human habitation, subjects that both stand out as the primary focus of his large-scale, spray-painted works of art.


Korean artist Bong-Jung Kim can be described as a mixed media artist who merges modern technological components with traditional painting techniques, creating cybertronic works of art that contain important insights into the state of high-tech society.


Lado Pochkhua is a Georgian-born visual artist whose refugee experience as a young adult, his subsequent post-Soviet identity, and his later move to America have shaped both his artistry and his political philosophy, culminating in a set of classically-inspired works that deal with the old ideals of aristocracy and amongst the new values of modern society.


Bobby Anspach is an American visual artist whose unique creative imagination and distinctly original personality have converged in the construction of a series of interactive installations, which aim to transport their audience to bright and colorful new environments that explore the themes of human connectivity, the other dimensions of reality, and the absurdity of life.


Georgian multimedia artist Konstantin Mindadze employs a variety of materials in his work to create large installations featuring visual, auditory and other sensory experiences.

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