Carol Scavotto

Carol Scavotto is a mixed media conceptual artist addressing feminist issues. The artist lives and works in Rhode Island, the U.S.

‘Within all of my series, I am always asking questions. I am inviting people to contemplate a concept regarding our individual response-ability regarding social, global, and personal identity. My intention is to create a pathway for communication while pondering alternate points of view.

Both the silk and the subject matter celebrate the luscious healing powers of love and touch.

A simple line can carry a wealth of emotional information that can be sensually beautiful without vulgarity. I find the fluid lines a body creates in space beautiful.

Much of these works connect two separate bodies into one harmonious image.

The circular form has taken on a critical role. The circle of life, the inner circle, circle of trust, inclusion, voyeurism.

The titles of these works are as important to the work as the visual.

There is a bit of whimsy addressing female sensuality. These feminist works are meant to create discussions of female empowerment. None of the imagery shows the female as an object.

Over the course of time, the works have gone through several subtle changes and developments.

They began as erotic black line drawings/paintings embroidered on duping silk.

The second phase I began adding color and the content became a bit softer.

The works have now become far more developed, creating a painterly intimate storyline.

They have entered the stage of intimate landscapes’ – Carol Scavotto.

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